The Story

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Jimmy Bosch was everything the world of Superbike racing could ask for; he was young, charismatic, a bit brash and girls thought he was smokin' hot. But more importantly he was fast…very, very fast. He and his older brother Jake, nicknamed the Killer B's, had set the racing world on its ear as an independent racing team. With one small local sponsor, no big money, no corporate hoops to jump through – they were doing it "their way." Belying their underdog stature, Jimmy was the point's leader in the AMA and the Killer B's were on a roll.

Then in a flash it all changes. In the heat of a race, Jake's rear tire slides out from under him as he clashes with the adversarial Mookie, sending him into a twisting fiery crash that ends up killing him! Jimmy watches in horror as he witnesses his older brother, his mentor and best friend, die before his eyes.

Jimmy is crushed and despondent. He's lost - the cockiness and confidence gone. Everything is falling apart. The sponsor has to do something, and do something now. He calls in a favor. That favor is to former Superbike champ Dutch Van Tassel.

At 38, Dutch hasn't raced in years. Now he has been asked to get back on a bike and help bring salvation to a struggling star. Can Dutch regain his form and at the same time help Jimmy rediscover the fire? Will Jimmy let Dutch step in to his brother's role? How does Haddi, Jake's widow, respond to Dutch's intervention, and is there really some forbidden spark between Haddi and Dutch?

It comes down to the season's last race. Jimmy and Dutch have started to click and Jimmy still has a chance to win the point's total for the year. Standing in his way is Mookie, the same rider who battled Jimmy's brother that sent him to his fatal crash. Jimmy, Dutch and Mookie battle for the lead in the last few laps. The twists in the plot are only matched by those on the course!