Dark Timber

Dark TimberWhen Elliot Grove hears of his estranged father's untimely death, he determines to return to his childhood home to settle the estate. Accompanied by his fiancée, Jesse, and two friends, Adam and Sarah, Elliot finds a broken down orchard and a farmhouse filled with mysterious objects and spiritual writings. The writings all speak of the end of the world. As Elliot tries to unravel the meaning behind his father's obsession with the theological text, he starts to notice strange and frightening forces at work around him.

All forms of technology become useless to the group. Cell phones die. Computers go dark. Their only link to the outside world is an old black and white television. Snippets of sound and image come through the TV, hinting at chaos on a global level. With each passing moment Elliot wonders if his father’s prophecy is coming true.

Cut off from the world and unable to return home, the group takes measures to hold up in the farmhouse. But an evil is lurking that is turning them against one another. Elliot becomes obsessed with making a connection to his father and each member of the group sees their worst traits surface. Now convinced that their lives hang in the balance the group fights to save themselves from chaos that approaches from the outside and the haunting that threatens to destroy them from within.