Johnny Quentin was a phenomenon. Growing up in Rochester, MN, Johnny had become a legend by the time he was 10 years old. A basketball sensation, he was more than just gifted; he was blessed with almost eerie skills. By the time college came around, he was the most recruited high school player in history. Instead of going to a basketball powerhouse like Duke or Kentucky, Johnny instead chose to join the struggling program at SE University State – the Demon Knights, hoping to resurrect it from almost certain demise.

Then as a freshman, while leading the nation in nearly every statistical category, Johnny had the Demon Knights poised to join the NCAA tournament for the first time in the school's history. What happened next was unimaginable. At a pivotal moment in the biggest game of his life, Johnny's fortunes changed in a heartbeat. In a flash of shear frustration, Johnny lashed out at an opponent, instead accidentally striking and seriously injuring an official.

The whirlwind of negative publicity pushed Johnny out of basketball forever…or so it appeared. Rollie Reed owned the semi-pro Rochester Rebels; a band of misfits so profoundly bad they earned the dubious nickname “Team Dissention”. With thin crowds, mounting bills and the distinct possibility of going under, Rollie had to roll the dice. On a spot on the map that was merely a smudge mark, Rollie found Johnny, now years removed from playing. A friend of Johnny's family from the past, Rollie pleads for Johnny's help. While Johnny still loves the game that turned on him, how can he go back to playing, especially after all these years? How can he relive the pain? While his body was still in top shape, his heart was shredded.

Although a struggle, Johnny comes back for his last shot at glory. Could he really turn back the hands of time and unite this group of oddballs, these rebels? Would a town that once loved him love him again? Could he once again cast magic with a leather ball and an orange rim at the ripe old age of 34? In a film filled with passion, action and redemption, you'll find yourself cheering for the underdog at every turn! Go, Johnny, go!